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embossingAt The Stationery Company, our high quality embossing is a specialty that many have come to admire. Embossing turns your invitations or personalized stationery into beautiful pieces of art that will be treasured by all who receive them. With embossing, your custom cards will have a special and unique touch that absolutely stands out among ordinary writing.

The Embossing Process

When the colored dye is placed under pressure, it creates an impression on the paper. This is what makes the beautiful effect. Different types of paper will make the embossing appear differently. If you would like to create a unique and charming effect for your thank you cards, party invitations, baby announcements, holiday cards, or otherwise, embossing is the perfect option. Our experienced specialists will help you choose the perfect type of paper for embossing that will look great for any occasion.

Explore the numerous possibilities with the art of embossing. Let your cards and stationery have the artistic appearance that your friends and family will love. For more information about our exceptional printing services, contact us today or come into our stationery store to see it all in person!