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Is Paper The New Dinosaur?

Is it going out of style? According to a recent survey, the answer is “no”. In fact, the two top contenders for an increase of usage are manufacturers of cardboard (for shipping all those online purchases) and, well, toilet tissue (go figure). More to the point and totally...
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Riddle: What Isn’t Techy and Never Crashes?

Your cell phone, tablet or laptop? NO! The answer is paper!!!! Studies show that when a person writes something down on paper, there is a more intimate, meditative connection to what is being written and less of a “task” feeling. When students in a college class were divided into...
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Why Write Thank You Notes?

Why write thank you notes? Taking the time to sit down and write (NOT text or email) a note of appreciation is a beautiful gift you are giving the recipient. It shows you cared enough to make the time and effort to use this traditional means of communication. When should a thank...
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